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SPED Track is a one-of-a-kind software program developed specifically to help Georgia K12 Schools maximize state funding for their program.

Our program provides immediate visibility into several SPED categories and looks for discrepancies in data that never show up on state error reports. Because these discrepancies do not result in errors, they too often go unnoticed and result in large amounts of lost funding dollars for the district and SPED department.

SPED Track is extremely easy to use and requires very little training for staff (less than 30 minutes). Because it is browser-based, anyone in the department including school based personnel and even teachers can view from any web browser. IEP, student schedules and reported segments are brought in electronically in order to provide you with a 360-degree view of your students. Results are simple, straight forward and are measurable in real dollars.

Examples of our unique drill-down reporting:

  • Student receiving weekly SPED service hours but no SPED Segments reported
  • Students with valid IEP but no SPED Segments being reported
  • Students with SPED segments but no IEP
  • Students with gifted courses but no gifted segments
  • Discrepancy between SPED service hours and number of segments reported
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