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HOPE Validator is a one-of-a-kind software program developed specifically to help Georgia K12 High School Counselors/Administrators with HOPE Extract file validations before they are submitted to GACollege411 Transcript Exchange (XAP). It was created based on requirements given by a group of actual High School Counselors and Technology personnel, to help them make the whole process of HOPE transcript exchange process less painful and save a lot of time.

  • Perform most of the HOPE related error checks locally. File will be error free when you submit to GA411 site
  • Print all reports in PDF for easy access to error checks
  • Generate letters for students with missing/invalid SSNs with School Letterheads that can be sent directly to parents/students
  • Calculate HOPE GPAs locally; use this information for advisements for sophomores and juniors
  • Intuitive Setup screens help you customize multiple Grading Scales and other parameters based on your school system's rules/course weights. Verify Errors/GPAs locally
  • Only submit files to Georgia Student Finance Commission when you've eliminated most of the errors, thus reducing the pain of dealing with errors and lengthy turnaround times with the Transcript Exchange website for error checks

HOPE Validator is desktop-based and secured. The program is installed on virtually any machine in less than 30 minutes. Training is less than one hour..

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