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FTE Track is a one-of-a-kind software program developed specifically to help Georgia K12 Schools maximize state funding. Our software tools combined with our proven process allows district teams to quickly and easily identify lost funding and transforms your FTE to a proactive process. We shift the focus of your team from having a clean report to identifying every segment available for funding. Our one of a kind tool provides the analysis for auditing your data in real time. Results are simple and straight forward and are measurable in real dollars.

Districts across the state currently use FTE Track and realize many benefits but it is our ability to impact them in three measurable ways that provides satisfied customers:

  • Eliminate 75% of the time it takes to process FTE. Have a clean report by the first count date
  • Easily identify, correct and validate every unfunded students and segment
  • Catch lost funding for SPED students that receive services but who are not reported correctly

FTE Track is browser-based, multi-user and Student Information System (SIS) independent. The program is installed on virtually any machine in less than 30 minutes. Training is less than one hour.

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